Specifications Of Pampas Grass For Which You Should Consider Pampas Grass For Decor

Pampas grass is not just a plant, it is a whole package for your home decor and amazing styling of your bedroom, tv launch, dinner table, or any other workplace as well. Why you should go for pampas grass for your interior design, the following are the answers.

  • Neutral And Dyed Color Varieties
  • Super Practical Nature
  • Require No Water or Light
  • No Damage To Planet
  • Available At Reasonable Price
  • Good Vase Life
  • 25 Different Species

Perfect Smooth Texture

The smooth textured stems of the pampas grass can be easily incorporated into any interior design style, that may be a boho wedding, glam party, rustic or industrial decor. This will perform its job perfectly and take your decor to a next level.

Most of the grass's soft plumes grow on the female part of the plants. On the other hand, male parts of the plant produce grayish pink flowers, and actually, they are more rugged.

Super Practical Nature

You want to enjoy the company of fresh flowers all the time without the stress of their drying out or to replace or replenish them, then surely pampas grass will be just the perfect fit for you.

Wisler said about this fact that it's like having fresh flowers all the time, but they won't dry out and you won't have to replace them.

That's why we can call it super practical as it is dried, pampas do not need water, light, or land for its maintenance. Above all, it does not harm the planet as plastic faux foliage.

No Need For Water or Light

There are many amazing decorating ideas that you can impose with this gorgeous fluffy grass without having to worry about its wilting or getting enough light and water for its care. This wonderful plant doesn't require any maintenance.

After you make it fluffy and cut according to the desired length, then put it in a vase without water, and keep it away from the direct sunlight and moisture as well.

You can often dust it to keep it neat and clean. Hence pampas grass will last up to 3 years with little care needed.

No Damage To Planet

Above all, it does not harm our planet, has no chemicals, and no recycling issues. Simply, a plant is dried and kept safe for years as home decor. This plant is of course harvested by hard-working farmers like any other plant, but it grows rapidly to a great height in a short period. It does not harm the planet as plastic faux foliage.


The cost of dried pampas grass varies depending on your location and also the vendors from which you purchase this gorgeous grass. Despite that, you can expect to spend a minimum of 20$ for five reeds of pampas grass.

Of course, this is a very reasonable price at which you can buy such amazing decor for your room, house, or office.

Perfect Vase Life

The lifespan of the pampas grass plant is approximately 10 to 15 years, which is long enough to sustain the environmental factors.

As an indoor decor element, if you take care of the plumes of pampas grass, they can last for several years minimum of up to three years. You can use hairspray for a fresh spritz maybe once a year to make sure, they will not shed.

25 Different Species

If you talk about different types, colors, and qualities of pampas grass, you will be amazed to know, it is available in many colors, textures, and lengths which you can also trim according to your choice.

The dried pampas grass can be dyed in different colors matching your interior design. Different heights and textures will make a signature display by adding them into any dried floral arrangements.

Pampas Grass Against A Dark Colored Background

You often have seen in many social media posts where pampas grass has been paired with light, neutral rooms but let me tell you the pampas grass will go classy and outstanding against a dark-toned background.

For example, displaying pampas grass against a black curtain will make a signature and super dramatic contrasting look to your room.

Pampas Grass To Amplify Neutral Colors Of your Dull Corner

"Neutrals" means a few very particular elements in words of color. Especially, it's implied all white, and a few outspoken emphases. Recently, society has turned towards more neutral and light shades, directing away from beige or dark tones.

The gorgeous and stylish living room featured in Hollywood dramatic style will make you reconsider the role of beige and browns in your homes.

Flapping the grassy prowls add a lush, soft texture to this airy room. These beautiful fluffy plumes make a picture-perfect zone between the all-white trendy and stylish look of the early 2010s and a more recent, down-to-Earth neutral that integrates dusty brown shades.

Wedding Or Special Event Decor With Gorgeous Pampas

You can place pampas grass in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining table, office, or shop but other than that you can do amazing decor for your special events like weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, or anniversary celebrations.

All these preparations with pampas grass enhance the look of your party towards more trendy and stylish.

Pampas grass is flawless for larger-scale establishments due to its length and volume, so it is an incredible accessory to any loamy or boho-inspired occasion. But no doubt it is typically correlated with a boho style, we have found it utilized in more modern, trendy, and even nostalgic weddings.

Its versatility is integrated with its potential to renovate a space, creating a no-brainer for those who want something other than the standard fresh flower bouquets and greenery.

Pampas As A DIY Wreath

No more confusion about creating your welcome fall wreath, as you can create your own with pampas grass and place it on the door or it can also be hung on the wall. It's an amazing idea to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

Protips For Easy Maintenance Of Pampas Grass

No doubt, pampas grass is incredibly adaptable and flexible but it can shed more rapidly if it's not properly conditioned. So follow the below-mentioned tips to maximize the lifespan of pampas grass.

  • You can use hairspray for some fresh spritz that will stop the excessive shedding of pampas grass and will enhance the lifespan.
  • After using a hairspray, let the plumes dry completely before starting decoration.
  • You can spray pampas grass after every six months for its better maintenance and long life.
  • Check the measurements before purchasing according to the place you need to place otherwise you have to cut it into your desired length.
  • The dried pampas grass plumes can be dyed and they will prove as lovely decorative elements for homes, wedding events, or other occasions.