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10 Eye-Capturing Ideas For Decoration With Pampas Grass

Have you ever seen the fluffy gorgeous grass found all around your favorite social media platforms in your favorite vlogger photography or home decor and you thought what is this and how you can get this fluffy grass for yourself? Yes, this is a type of grass and harvested in the same way by hard-working farmers like any other plant.

What Is Pampas Grass? 

"Pampas grass is defined as a specific species of grass having long reedlike hairs. It is called pampas because of being endemic within the Pampas Plains, native to Southern South America. The scientific name of this tree is  (Cortaderia selloana), and it belongs to the Poaceae family of grass". There are almost 25 species of the selloana family that belong to this name of pampas grass.

It is used as an impressive ornamental grass with waving plumes

A stunning garden plant that provides color and movement in the garden and on the patio in the autumn, and winter as well.


In this article, we will be talking about 10  different innovative ideas for decorating your home, room, kitchen, bathroom, office, or special events like boho or modern style weddings, birthday parties, or anniversary celebrations. You can add this beautiful and trendy item to your decor and make that event more memorable. We will also discuss where to purchase online, varieties available in this store Allpampasgrass.com, and what to look for when purchasing, how to care for and condition your pampas so you can enjoy living with them for years to come.

Overall Appearance

Pampas grass is all known for its fluffy feathery appearance, which is considered the most eye-catching characteristic of this grass. The tall height may reach up to five to fifteen feet long so you can cut stems and adjust the length according to your vase size and the place where you want to keep it and decorate. The tall species of pampas grass grow very rapidly and reach high in height. 

Smooth Texture

The smooth textured stems of the pampas grass can be easily incorporated into any interior design style, that may be a boho wedding, glam party, rustic or industrial decor. This will perform its job perfectly and take your decor to a next level.

Most of the grass's soft plumes grow on the female part of the plants. On the other hand, male parts of the plant produce grayish pink flowers, and actually, they are more rugged.

Different Varieties Of Pampas Grass

You will be amazed by knowing that this pampas grass is available in 25 different types ranging from neutral colors to gorgeous shades of pink and purplish. Mostly the neutral colors varieties are found whose color ranges from white, light yellow to taupe. 

The variety which produces pink-colored plumes is calledCortaderia selloana 'Rendatleri',orPink Feather. 

Another type of pampas grass that produces purplish flowers is calledCortaderia jubataorAndean Pampas Grass.These pink and purplish hues give a different stylish look when contrast against the light background of white or yellow shades. 

No Damage To Planet

Above all, it does not harm our planet, has no chemicals, and has no recycling issues. Simply, a plant is dried and kept safe for years as home decor. This plant is of course harvested by hard-working farmers like any other plant, but it grows rapidly to a great height in a short period. It does not harm the planet as plastic faux foliage.

Affordable Price

The cost of dried pampas grass varies depending on your location and also the vendors from which you purchase this gorgeous grass. Despite that, you can expect to spend a minimum of 20$ for five reeds of pampas grass.

Of course, this is a very reasonable price at which you can buy such amazing decor for your room, house, or office. You can visit our store and select your favorite colored and sized pampas grass at a very affordable price. 

What Is The Lifespan Of Pampas Grass?

The lifespan of dried indoor ornamental grass is approximately 3 years. This lifespan can increase or decrease depending on the care you provide. If you want them to stay for a long time and never shed, use hairspray for some fresh spritz once a year or after six months that will refresh the plumes of pampas grass and fluff it up again and prevent the shedding. Hairsprayervation of the pampas grass. 

What Is The Season Of Availability Of Pampas Grass?

Are you worried about your wedding decor coming in the summer season or thinking about your home's seasonal decor? Don't worry, pampas grass is available round the year to enhance the beauty of your wedding decor, and to transform the dead corner of your home into a piece of art. Pampas grass grows very fast and it's very easy to care for and its blooming season is from September to February. 

Decor With Pampas Grass

There is obviously no doubt in the fact that pampas grass can turn the dull corner of your room into a very beautiful and special place to stare at. The decor may be ranging from simple contemporary style or all the glam look for a boho wedding or rustic industrial style, it will create all looks in such an amazing and eye-capturing way that you won't believe. 

The easy maintenance and versatility of the pampas grass offer a list of limitless decor designs. That means you can't ever run short of the ideas or options to decorate your home with pampas grass.  Even if you can change the setting of pampas grass when you change or upgrade the interior of your house by replacing the vase or just dyeing the plumes of pampas grass into another new color, it will blend in perfectly with the upgraded version. 

Now you are ready to transform the corner of your room then here are some amazing tips and ideas for you on how you can decor wonderfully with pampas grass. 

Ideas For Home Decor

  • Pampas Grass As Centerpiece On Dining Table
  • Pampas Grass Against A Dramatic Dark Background
  • Pampas Grass For Tablescapes
  • Pampas Grass To Upgrade The Fire Table Mantel
  • Dyed Pampas Grass For Children's Room Decor
  • Pampas Grass For Creating A Holiday DIY Wreath
  • Add Beauty To Your Bathroom Vanity
  • Dried Pampas Floral Bouquet
  • Ideas For Wedding Decor

  • Pampas As Hanging Accessories
  • Pampas For Creating Signature Entrance
  • Pampas For Remarkable Bouquet Creation

  • PampasGrass As Centerpiece On Dining Table

    If you are now tired of changing the flowers of the centerpiece of your dining table, then pampas grass is the perfect solution for you. No doubt fresh flowers look beautiful on the table in a vase but the problem is they wither quickly and hence die in a short period of hardly one day.

    But the pampas grass can stay long up to years with little care.

    Pampas as a centerpiece brings texture and gives a stylish and trendy look to the whole environment that is the most significant characteristic of a centerpiece.

    Pampas Grass Against A Dramatic Dark Background

    Black walls or dark black curtains are on-trend these days. But to contrast and match the colors according to the wall requires a careful eye. This plant of pampas grass is just a perfect and classy fit for creating an elegant and dramatic stylish look by playing with the color scheme. 

    So when this light-colored fluffy and feathery pampas grass is combined with a black backdrop, it will create such a mystic and moody atmosphere.  

    Pampas Grass For Tablescapes

    When you want to add some minimalist flair to your everyday dining table, place a vase and some stalks of fluffy gorgeous grass inside it. Other than that you can spruce up your festive tablescape for the holidays with this brown, droopy pampas or white, thin pampas grass. 

    Pampas Grass To Upgrade The Fire Table Mantel

    Nowadays, adding some significant but natural statement to your mantel place is on-trend. The living room is the place where you spend most of your time, so this will be a source of relaxing your mind and release all stress. 

    Dyed Pampas Grass For Children's Room Decor

    If you are looking for some colorful, yet stylish and trendy items to decorate your children's room, then this dyed pampas grass is the perfect choice for you. You can dye or buy the dyed pampas grass from this store. These colorful pampas will add a playful pop to the corner of the room.

    Pampas Grass For Creating A Holiday DIY Wreath

    Are you confused about creating your holiday welcome fall wreath? If yes, then no more confusion as you can create your own with pampas grass and place it on the door or it can also be hung on the wall. It's an amazing idea to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

    Let you show off your creativity to the world by doing this simple and easy project by yourself. 

    Add Beauty To Your Bathroom Vanity

    You can add to the beauty of your bathroom vanity alongside the mirror corner by placing a beautifully carved vase having pampas grass inside it. Try to care better than other places due to the presence of moisture in the bathroom.

    You can also place the pampas grass near the bathtub. This will give you a soothing and relaxing bath time with a beautiful sight.

    Dried Pampas Floral Bouquet

    You want to create a bouquet that is as beautiful as fresh flowers but doesn't want it to die after some hours. A dried pampas grass bouquet is the best choice for you. If you buy flowers for arrangements, then dry the pampas grass by hanging them upside down after tying them with a rope. After 2 to 4 days, open them and place them in a vase containing other dried flowers. 

    Ideas For Glam Wedding Decor

    When we talk about wedding décor trends, pampas grass is a favorite item for designers and couples as well. It is trending now on social media posts and in real life boho and modern style weddings as well. And this doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, instead of increasing at such a rapid rate that people are crazy for this pampas decor.

    The tall, light-colored fluffy grass can often be seen in the high-class open area weddings decor having a soft and wispy quality that adds instant texture to anything from a bouquet to a whole ceremony backdrop. 

    Pampas As Hanging Accessories

    Perfectly matched rattan lanterns and clumps of hanging Cortaderia selloana can turn a special event like wedding or reception tent into an Insta-perfect party space. The tall centerpieces hanging from the high tents also encompass the grass, complementing the hanging clusters, while different hues of taupe and light brown woody tones tie together the neutral zone of this color palette. 

    Pampas For Creating Signature Entrance

    Are you thinking about the tented reception setting with a romantic entryway of pampas grass, other flowers like roses, and lanterns (hello, this is a picture-perfect moment!). This will create a feeling of excitement in the guests—even before they reach the reception area!

    Pampas For Remarkable Bouquet Creation

    Of course, no one can forget Malin Akerman’s boho beach wedding. Her bouquet encompassed both pampas grass and more traditional purple-hued roses for an elegant and majestic amalgam of styles that worked together perfectly.

    Final Words

    After reading this amazing and thoughtful read full of majestic ideas for creating elegant and splendid looks for your everyday home decor or classy and glam wedding looks.

    Now you are ready for transforming the neutral pampas into your favorite color, how you can decorate amazingly your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom vanity, special occasions like wedding, anniversary or bridal shower, etc with this beautiful fluffy grass, and what are qualities of pampas grass for which you should prefer them over fresh flowers.

    So go and check out the amazing collection of dried pampas grass at Allpampasgrass.com and order your favorite colored and sized pampas grass and then after receiving have fun decorating it according to the great above-mentioned home decor ideas. Your decor with pampas grass will completely change the messy room into a piece of art. And also this activity will enlighten your mood and help you to get rid of daily routine stress.

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