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Everything About Dried Pampas Grass You Must Need To Know.

Pampas Grass is trending as a home decor element right now. Dried pampas grass is something that all designers need to decorate the corner of your home, it can be dyed, colored into your favorite chroma, and also can be cut into the desired length. 

There are many methods used to dry the fresh pampas grass, let's discuss the method of drying pampas grass.

Method Of Drying Pampas Grass

Take the fresh plumes of pampas grass, tie them in the opposite direction upside down and hang in some corner of the home. Keep them at the place where the air circulates well for its complete drying. Keep them like that for approximately 2 weeks. 

Once the grass has dried, you can turn it in the right way. Now you can fluff it up by using different methods before using hairspray for its preservation. 

How To Dye Dried Pampas Grass?

After you are done with the drying of the pampas grass, now it's time for matching the color of grass with the targeted place; it may be your office, bedroom, or any other corner of your home. The color of the grass should be matched against the theme. For this purpose, you can dye the fluffy gorgeous grass according to your desire. 

There is no rocket science in dying of the pampas grass, it is so simple and easy. You just need to prepare a dye solution and dip the dried pampas grass into it fully. The plumes should be fully coated with the dye. After this, dry the grass in the same way as above for 2 weeks. Then just fluff it up for more beauty and spray it with hairspray for long-lasting life. 


After taking out the grass from the dye, place it at a distant place so it can not transfer the color to the other surfaces and wallpapers. Be careful in this situation. 

Lifespan Of Dried Pampas Grass:

The lifespan of dried pampas grass lasts for a long period. It may increase up to 10 to 15 years if you take care of it by spraying it with a haircut that will help in the preservation of dried grass. You can spray after a gap of six months or a year. 

And the lifespan of three years is confirmed for dried pampas grass. If it starts to drop and shed it might have reached the end of its life. 

How To Maintain Dried Pampas Grass?

You don't need to give water or keep the vase in the light for its care and long-lasting life. All you need to care for your gorgeous grass is to give them a light spray of aerosol hairspray. Once you get your grass inside the vase, you are going to keep it clean but not unnecessarily that can shed its feathers. 

After six months you just need to give your pampas a little shake and some fresh spritz of hairspray for the sake of dusting and making them look their best and fresh as well. 

Tips For Maintenance;

  • Don't keep the vase in the wet places
  • Keep the pampas grass away from the direct sunlight
  • Try to keep your children and pets far away from the grass
  • Keep away from moisture to prevent mold growth and decay

How To Make Dried Pampas Grass Fluffy?

When you get your pampas grass it may not look so fluffy due to some shipping and handling issues. But you don't need to worry about it, we are here to guide you on how to make it fluffy and more gorgeous with simple and easy tips and tricks. 

  • Start the process of fluffing it up by taking it outside or somewhere you can handle a little mess, now shake it well to get rid of the extra and unwanted plumes of the pampas grass.
  • You can also put your dried pampas grass outside on a sunny and windy day. This will fluff it up. But be careful and don't keep it outside in the moisture or in strong winds that can ruin and break the branches of grass.
  • If you can't perform the above-mentioned method for some reason, you can also use a hairdryer on a low cool setting targeting the pampas from inside to out aiming its fluffiness. During this procedure, extra plumes will be shed off so you don't need to worry about the shedding as is expected. 
  • Another useful tip to fluff the pampas grass is to put the stems of grass in the palms of your hands and roll them back and forth. Be careful and don't give aggressive twirls but gentle spinning. 
  • One easy and simple way is to gently pull the plumes of pampas grass apart with your fingers.
  • The least you can do for fluffiness is by taking the pampas out and leaving them in the vase for 1 to 2 days, the grass will fluff it up naturally.  

How To Use Dried Pampas Grass in Decor?

The gorgeous fluffy dried grass is ideal for decor and transforming your home into a piece of art. It will fill life in that dead corner of your home. There are so many amazing ideas for decorating your place with this beautiful neutral-colored pampas grass. Let's see some trendy and stylish ideas for a complete transformation of the dull corner of your house into the most charming place. 

Wherever you place pampas grass you need a vase matching to the place where you want to place it. 

Pampas Grass On A Coffee Table

You can take a simple yet beautiful vase or jar made up of transparent glass and place the long reeds of dried pampas grass into this vase. 

Now simply put this beautiful vase with pampas grass on the table and enjoy your coffee in the company of this wonderful sight along with pampas grass. 

Pampas Grass In The Corner Of Bathroom Vanity

You can add to the beauty of your bathroom vanity alongside the mirror corner by placing a beautifully carved vase having pampas grass inside it. Try to care better than other places due the presence of moisture in the bathroom. 

You can also place the pampas grass near the bathtub. This will give you a soothing and relaxing bath time with a beautiful sight. 

Pampas Grass On A Rusty Table

You can merge the rusty or contemporary style table with a trendy and stylish-looking vase having long plumes of dried pampas grass. This will give a wonderful transformation to the room and table contrasting with the neutral-colored plumes. 

Pampas Grass Near A Full Sized Mirror

Pampas grass with long reeds of approximately 1 to 2 meters inside a glass vase placed along with a full-sized mirror will give such a classy and outstanding look. The mirror pictures will give such a stylish outlook you won't believe. 

Wedding Or Special Event Decor

You can place pampas grass in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining table, office, or shop but other than that you can do amazing decor for your special events like weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, or anniversary celebrations. 

All these preparations with pampas grass enhance the look of your party towards more trendy and stylish. 

Pampas grass is flawless for larger-scale establishments due to its length and volume, so it is an incredible accessory to any loamy or boho-inspired occasion. But no doubt it is typically correlated with a boho style, we have found it utilized in more modern, trendy, and even nostalgic weddings. 

Its versatility is integrated with its potential to renovate a space, creating a no-brainer for those who want something other than the standard fresh flower bouquets and greenery.

Pampas Grass To Amplify Neutral Colors

"Neutrals" means a few very particular elements in words of color. Especially, it's implied all white, and a few outspoken emphases. Recently, society has turned towards more neutral and light shades, directing away from beige or dark tones.

The gorgeous and stylish living room featured in Hollywood dramatic style will make you reconsider the role of beige and browns in your homes. 

Flapping the grassy prowls add a lush, soft texture to this airy room. These beautiful fluffy plumes make a picture-perfect zone between the all-white trendy and stylish look of the early 2010s and a more recent, down-to-Earth neutral that integrates dusty brown shades.

Pampas Grass Against A Dark Background

Black walls and black curtains are beautiful and are now on-trend. But pulling off such a spectacular hue compels a comprehensive eye for pigment and disparity.

You often have seen in many social media posts where pampas grass has been paired with light, neutral rooms but let me tell you the pampas grass will go classy and outstanding against a dark-toned background. For example, displaying pampas grass against a black curtain will make a signature and super dramatic contrasting look to your room.

The plant is an excellent accessory if you're trying to establish a mystic and moody escape.

Tips For Care Of Pampas Grass

A lot of people who recently found this wonderful innovation in their homes, don't know about the care of pampas grass. You don't need to worry about it, we will discuss all the instructions you should follow for care and the long-lasting life of the pampas grass. With little care, you can increase their lifespan up to years. 

  • Keep the pampas vase away from the direct sunlight 
  • A moisture and humid environment is not good for these babies
  • It is recommended to keep the pampas grass pieces in an environment that is neither very dry nor humid
  • When you receive your pampas grass long or small in size, keep it outside in a windy environment for some hours to make it fluffy
  • Pampas grass with long stems, you can match the size with the size of the vase and cut them accordingly
  • You can use garden shears or scissors, for cutting the stems of long pampas grass according to your own choice
  • Cut them inch by inch and check for adjustment in the vase, where you get be perfect results stop cutting them
  • You can use hairspray to give some fresh spritz to the pampas grass that will help in its preservation for years 
  • The dried pampas grass plumes can be dyed and they will prove as lovely decorative elements for homes, wedding events, or other occasions

Utilizing your expertise is always so rewarding. People are spending a lot of time in their homes due to this covid-19 pandemic. That's why by styling their home they are getting great gratification in completing programs themselves. 

They are having fun by playing around with these gorgeous pieces and using them in various corners of your home. So you should also try this amazing activity by ordering a few pieces. You will surely have fun making all these renovations to your home with a couple of friends.

 This is an amazing idea for doing something different for special occasions like a bridal shower or anniversary party or just a night with friends while having fun and wine. 

Final Words

After this whole thoughtful read, you are now able to get set for your own home or room transformation. You have read about drying procedures of pampas grass, dying method and transforming the neutral pampas into your favorite color, how to increase the lifespan of dried grass after preservation, how you can decorate amazingly your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom vanity, special occasions like wedding, anniversary or bridal shower, etc with this beautiful fluffy grass, and what are qualities of pampas grass for which you should prefer them over fresh flowers.

So now it's time to visit the collection on Allpampasgrass.com and order your favorite colored and sized pampas grass and then after receiving have fun decorating it according to the great above-mentioned home decor ideas. Your decor with pampas grass will completely change the messy room into a piece of art. And also this activity will enlighten your mood and help you to get rid of daily routine stress.

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