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What Is Pampas Grass?

Have you ever seen this fluffy gorgeous grass found all around your favorite social media platforms in your favorite vlogger photography or home decor and you thought what is this and how you can get this fluffy grass for yourself?

First of all let's see what pampas grass is, how we can define it.


"Pampas grass can be defined as a particular species of grass having long reedlike hairs, it is called as pampas because of being endemic within the Pampas Plains, native to Southern South America. The scientific name of this tree is  (Cortaderia selloana), and it belongs to the Poaceae family of grass". There are almost 25 species of the selloana family that belong to this name of pampas grass. 

It is used as an impressive ornamental grass with waving plumes 

A stunning garden plant that provides color and movement in the garden and on the patio in the autumn, and winter as well.

In this article, we will be talking about alternate names and meanings, where to purchase online, varieties available in this store, what to look for when purchasing, how to care for and condition your pampas so you can enjoy living with them for years to come. 

We will also discuss some dried arrangement tips and innovative ideas on the way to use Cortaderia selloana in your decor. So hold on and pour yourself a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and sit for a soothing read as we cover all things pampas — our most favorite ornamental grass!


Pampas Grass is native to southern South America, hailing from the Pampas region (hence its name). It was planted in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand within the ’70s primarily as ornamental grass to be harvested and used for decorative purposes once it dried. We have seen a huge revitalization in its popularity over the past few years, massively used as a home, office, and wedding decor item. 

In the 1970s, the importance of pampas grass was decreased due to rumors spread that if you had this grass on display you were a swinger but now it is becoming more popular than in the past, and this resurgence of pampas grass is due to your interest and likeness. Stay with us having a cup of coffee for a relaxing read to spend an enjoyable time with this gorgeous pampas grass. 

Interior Designing

In this Covid-19 pandemic, unfortunately, we have to spend more time indoors. We all are looking for something amazing to do, one of the best ideas is to add some life and spruce up our interiors. Nowadays, a trend being followed by many celebrities' house decor and a popular hashtag of Instagram posts, of course, we are talking about pampas grass. 

Pampas grass is just the perfect, feathery, stylish, and also affordable item at this time for making your home decor or interior designing to another level. Pampas grass is a major element of decor at product launches, decorating our favorite shops and hotels, above all, it is becoming the go-to bloom of choice for boho weddings. 

Reasons To Choose Pampas Grass For Interior Designing

 Pampas grass is not just a plant, it is a whole package for your home decor and amazing styling of your bedroom, tv launch, dinner table, or any other workplace as well. Why you should go for pampas grass for your interior design, the following are the answers.

  • Neutral Color
  • Smooth Texture
  • Super Practical
  • Require No Water
  • No Harm To Planet
  • Available At Reasonable Price
  • Good Vase Life
  • 25 Different Varieties

  • Neutral Color

    The color of all selloana species falls into the neutral zone ranging from silvery-white, light yellow, or taupe. 

    One type of this family member calledCortaderia selloana 'Rendalteri',or also calledPink Featherproduces pink plumes which look beautiful for decorating your home. 

    Another species with a gorgeous purplish color is calledCortaderia jubataorAndean pampas grass. 

    These pink and purple colored flowers are perfect for home decor or decorating a shop or hotel. These pink and purple fun colors will make a bold statement.

    "It's the perfect way to interject just a little bit of color into a neutral room," Wisler said. 

    Smooth Texture

    The smooth textured stems of the pampas grass can be easily incorporated into any interior design style, that may be a boho wedding, glam party, rustic or industrial decor. This will perform its job perfectly and take your decor to a next level. 

    Most of the grass's soft plumes grow on the female part of the plants. On the other hand, male parts of the plant produce grayish pink flowers, and actually, they are more rugged. 

    Super Practical

    You want to enjoy the company of fresh flowers all the time without the stress of their drying out or to replace or replenish them, then surely pampas grass will be just the perfect fit for you. 

    Wisler said about this fact that it's like having fresh flowers all the time, but they won't dry out and you won't have to replace them. 

    That's why we can call it super practical as it is dried, pampas do not need water, light, or land for its maintenance. Above all, it does not harm the planet as plastic faux foliage. 

    No Water Or Light Requirements:

    There are many amazing decorating ideas that you can impose with this gorgeous fluffy grass without having to worry about its wilting or getting enough light and water for its care. This wonderful plant doesn't require any maintenance. 

    After you make it fluffy and cut according to the desired length, then put it in a vase without water, and keep it away from the direct sunlight and moisture as well.  

    You can often dust it to keep it neat and clean.

    Hence pampas grass will last up to 3 years with little care needed. 

    No Harm To Planet

    Above all, it does not harm our planet, has no chemicals, no recycling issues. Simply, a plant is dried and kept safe for years as home decor. This plant is of course harvested by hard-working farmers like any other plant, but it grows rapidly to a great height in a short period. It does not harm the planet as plastic faux foliage.

    Available At Reasonable Price

    The cost of dried pampas grass varies depending on your location and also the vendors from which you purchase this gorgeous grass. Despite that, you can expect to spend a minimum of 20$ for five reeds of pampas grass. 

    Of course, this is a very reasonable price at which you can buy such amazing decor for your room, house, or office. 

    Good Vase Life

    The lifespan of the pampas grass plant is approximately 10 to 15 years, which is long enough to sustain the environmental factors. 

    As an indoor decor element, if you take care of the plumes of pampas grass, they can last for several years minimum of up to three years. You can use hairspray for a fresh spritz maybe once a year to make sure, they will not shed. 

    25 Different Varieties

    If you talk about different types, colors, and qualities of pampas grass, you will be amazed to know, it is available in many colors, textures, and lengths which you can also trim according to your choice. 

    The dried pampas grass can be dyed in different colors matching your interior design. Different heights and textures will make a signature display by adding them into any dried floral arrangements. 

    Significant Characteristics Of Pampas Grass as A Decor Element

    Sevgili says about pampas grass as she works at a digital marketing agency “I honestly think social media plays a major role in the increasing popularity of pampas grass in both weddings and home decor/style". 

    Everyone's favorite ornamental grass is stealing the spotlight. Interior designers, homeowners, housewives everybody just loved it not only because of its elegant and amazing stalks but also due to its phenomenal texture and characteristics.

    The answer to the question of why designers love to choose pampas grass as a decor element lies in the low maintenance, textural quality, bringing outdoors in, and perfect neutral colors all are pillars of the popularity of pampas grass in the world of interior designing.

    Ideas For Pampas Grass Decor:

    Designers always use simple ideas to decor a room with pampas grass, the favorite decor item of all designers this year worldwide. You can create all special glam, boho wedding decor, or simple contemporary rustic industrial looks with this amazing neutral-colored grass, all is possible.

    Following is the list of ideas you can use to transform the corner of your home or room into a piece of art with pampas grass;

    Centric solution For Your Dining Table

    If you are now tired of changing the flowers of the centerpiece of your dining table, then pampas grass is the perfect solution for you. No doubt fresh flowers look beautiful on the table in a vase but the problem is they wither quickly and hence die in a short period of hardly one day. 

    But the pampas grass can stay long up to years with little care. 

    Pampas as a centerpiece brings texture and gives a stylish and trendy look to the whole environment that is the most significant characteristic of a centerpiece. 

    Pampas As A Fireplace Mantel

    As you spend most of your time in your living room, it is very important to have a beautifully decorated room that you can easily feel cozy at any time and can get peace of mind. 

    In this situation, the pampas grass looks trendy and stylish decor as a fireplace mantel for a more sophisticated and elegant look. 

    Pampas As A DIY Wreath

    No more confusion about creating your welcome fall wreath, as you can create your own with pampas grass and place it on the door or it can also be hanged on the wall. It's an amazing idea to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of fall. 

    Pampas Grass With A Dark Colored Background

    You often have seen in many social media posts where pampas grass has been paired with light, neutral rooms but let me tell you the pampas grass will go classy and outstanding against a dark-toned background. 

    For example, displaying pampas grass against a black curtain will make a signature and super dramatic contrasting look to your room. 

    Pampas Grass In Vases

    Pampas grass in vases of various sizes ranging from small-sized vases to oversized one. Wherever you place the vase, in your bedroom, on a dining table, over the fire table, with pecans, or even along a Christmas tree all looks will be remarkable. 

    Protips To Maximize Lifespan

    No doubt, pampas grass is incredibly adaptable and flexible but it can shed more rapidly if it's not properly conditioned. So follow the below-mentioned tips to maximize the lifespan of pampas grass. 

    • You can use hairspray for some fresh spritz that will stop the excessive shedding of pampas grass and will enhance the lifespan. 
    • After using a hairspray, let the plumes dry completely before starting decoration. 
    • You can spray pampas grass after every six months for its better maintenance and long life. 
    • Check the measurements before purchasing according to the place you need to place otherwise you have to cut it into your desired length. 
    • The dried pampas grass plumes can be dyed and they will prove as lovely decorative elements for homes, wedding events, or other occasions. 

    Final Words

    After this relaxing read, you are now able to get set for your own home or room transformation. You have read about what pampas grass is, how you can decorate your room with it, and what are qualities of pampas grass for which you should prefer them over fresh flowers. 

    Just go and select your favorite colored and sized pampas grass and use it according to the great above-mentioned home decor ideas. Your decor with pampas grass will completely change the messy room into a piece of art.

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