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What Is Pampas Grass?

"Cortaderia selloana"is the scientific name of the pampas grass which is a tall-stemmed grass with light-colored fluffy plumes. It is native to Southern California and mostly found in the Pampas plains that's why it is named Pampas Grass.

Pampas grass is an ornamental grass, which is very easy to look after and most oftenly you have seen it in social media posts in your favorite vlogger home or photography used in interior decor, although if you have a garden, it will undoubtedly look just as great.

The best feature for anyone who wants to add this plant to their home as decor is that it is so easy to take care of this grass and it will last long even for years.

Historical Background

Pampas Grass is native to southern South America, hailing from the Pampas region (hence its name). It was planted in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand within the ’70s primarily as ornamental grass to be harvested and used for decorative purposes once it dried. We have seen a huge revitalization in its popularity over the past few years, massively used as a home, office, and wedding decor item.

In the 1970s, the importance of pampas grass was decreased due to rumors spread that if you had this grass on display you were a swinger but now it is becoming more popular than in the past, and this resurgence of pampas grass is due to your interest and likeness. Stay with us having a cup of coffee for a relaxing read to spend an enjoyable time with this gorgeous pampas grass.

What Is The Method To Dry Pampas Grass?

Take the fresh plumes of pampas grass, tie them in the opposite direction upside down and hang in some corner of the home. Keep them at the place where the air circulates well for its complete drying. Keep them like that for approximately 2 weeks.

Once the grass has dried, you can turn it in the right way. Now you can fluff it up by using different methods before using hairspray for its preservation.

How To Dye Dried Pampas Grass?

After you are done with the drying of the pampas grass, now it's time for matching the color of grass with the targeted place; it may be your office, bedroom, or any other corner of your home. The color of the grass should be matched against the theme. For this purpose, you can dye the fluffy gorgeous grass according to your desire.

There is no rocket science in dying of the pampas grass, it is so simple and easy. You just need to prepare a dye solution and dip the dried pampas grass into it fully. The plumes should be fully coated with the dye. After this, dry the grass in the same way as above for 2 weeks. Then just fluff it up for more beauty and spray it with hairspray for long-lasting life.


  • After taking out the grass from the dye, place it at a distant place so it can not transfer the color to the other surfaces and wallpapers. Be careful in this situation.

Why Designers Are Crazy For Pampas Grass Decor?

Pampas grass is not just a plant, it is a whole package for your home decor and amazing styling of your bedroom, tv launch, dinner table, or any other workplace as well. Why you should go for pampas grass for your interior design, the following are the answers.

  • Neutral Color
  • Smooth Texture
  • Super Practical
  • Require No Water
  • No Harm To Planet
  • Available At Reasonable Price
  • Good Vase Life
  • 25 Different Varieties

Sevgili says about pampas grass as she works at a digital marketing agency “I honestly think social media plays a major role in the increasing popularity of pampas grass in both weddings and home decor/style".

Everyone's favorite ornamental grass is stealing the spotlight. Interior designers, homeowners, housewives, everybody just loved it not only because of its elegant and amazing stalks but also due to its phenomenal texture and characteristics.

The answer to the question of why designers love to choose pampas grass as a decor element lies in the low maintenance, textural quality, bringing outdoors in, and perfect neutral colors all are pillars of the popularity of pampas grass in the world of interior designing.

Tips For Easy Maintenance Of Pampas Grass

You don't need to give water or keep the vase in the light for its care and long-lasting life. All you need to care for your gorgeous grass is to give them a light spray of aerosol hairspray. Once you get your grass inside the vase, you are going to keep it clean but not unnecessarily that can shed its feathers.

After six months you just need to give your pampas a little shake and some fresh spritz of hairspray for the sake of dusting and making them look their best and fresh as well. It is considered the number one trending item for weddings these past few years. What makes these pieces so appealing is that they don’t require much care.

  • You can use hairspray for some fresh spritz that will stop the excessive shedding of pampas grass and will enhance the lifespan.
  • After using a hairspray, let the plumes dry completely before starting decoration.
  • You can spray pampas grass after every six months for its better maintenance and long life.
  • Check the measurements before purchasing according to the place you need to place otherwise you have to cut it into your desired length.
  • Always wear long sleeves, pants, and work gloves when handling Cortaderia selloana because of the sharp edges of the leaves.

The dried pampas grass plumes can be dyed and they will prove as lovely decorative elements for homes, wedding events, or other occasions.

How To Decor With Pampas Grass?

Designers always use simple ideas to decor a room with pampas grass, the favorite decor item of all designers this year worldwide. You can create all special glam, boho wedding decor, or simple contemporary rustic industrial looks with this amazing neutral-colored grass, all is possible.

Following is the list of ideas you can use to transform the corner of your home or room into a piece of art with pampas grass;

Hollywood House Glamour

Perhaps using this trend is similar to that used by Australians and is known as an Australian trait. The Melbourne showroom of Scandinavian furniture brand Fred International pairs floaty pampas grass with old Hollywood glamour and the impact is surprisingly incredible. This mixture or amalgamation of, as sighted by The Design Chaser, develops the excellent place to drink your beloved ultra-glam Hollywood cocktails. No one could have ever guessed that combining this wheat-like floral grass with a heroic pattern, brass tones, and luxe velvet upholstery would develop something so enchantingly elegant and glossy.

Turn Your Bedroom Into Art Work

Your bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time and it should be a safe space from the wild world outside. Every inch must feel purposeful; every tone, carefully selected. Once you've put the Feng area into a zen-like condition, putting in some pampas could set your contemplative room into contentment. These cloudy stalks will bring a beautiful smile to your look every morning. You can also set them near your mirror, just like your favourite blogger Almost Makes Perfect, to make it believable like you're getting outfitted in a fluffy meadow. 

Pair Pampas With Pecans

Ohh, You don't find any tremendous, oversized vases to show off your newly attained pampas grass? Don't worry, fellow devotees. The credit of this brilliant idea goes to the blogger Hunt and Host for the purpose to keep those trunks steady and straight:pecans. So you can fill a large glass jar with pecans to build a custom pampas grass display.

She showed off her innovation in the kitchen window, but you can place these wavy stalks anywhere you want to keep them, for example in the living room or even the back porch area for the purpose to give your next dinner party tons of rustic-glam allures.

DIY A Wreath

Wreaths aren't only meant for Christmas occasions.  A pampas grass wreath is a wonderful means to enjoy the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Establishing your own wreath lets you show off your creativeness to the world. And this is a very simple do-it-yourself project, which only requires a metal frame and a lot of pampas. While drooping on a plain white door, this DIY adds a touch of dignity to your entrance and if your entry is brilliantly toned, the pampas grass will help strengthen the heroic impact.

Wedding Decor With Pampas Grass

When we talk about wedding décor trends, Cortaderia selloana is the best choice you should definitely consider. It’s been trending for a few years now, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon! The tall, wheat-colored tufted grasses can often be seen growing along riverbanks and cliff sides, and have a soft, wispy quality that adds instant texture to anything from a bouquet to a ceremony backdrop. 

Perfect for larger-scale installations because of its size and volume, Cortaderia selloana will surely be a perfect addition to any earthy or boho-inspired event. But while it’s most commonly associated with a boho style, we’ve recently seen it used in more modern, minimalistic, and even romantic weddings. Its versatility combined with its power to renovate an area makes it a no-brainer for those who want something other than the standard flowers and greenery. 

What Features Do You Need To Look For Before Purchasing Pampas Grass?

  • Select Pampas reeds that are tall and powerful with plumes that are full and fluffy. 
  • To ensure the best value, consider reed height, as well as whether or not the plumes have been treated for minimizing shedding (ask your vendor). 
  • You’re bound to lose some volume to shedding if plumes do not need to be treated (more on how to condition them yourself at home below!), so the fuller, the better!
  • Compare the color of your place where you want to keep it and the color pampas grass plumes, this will give a more promising color combination
  • If you are the one, who often forget to give water to plants then this is just the perfect indoor plant for you, you don't need to give water or keep it in the sunlight
  • So easy to receive and just install indoor after keeping it outside in the windy environment for its fluffiness 

Where To Buy Online Pampas Grass?

Now you are thinking from which store you should make a purchase, then don't worry we are here to solve your problem. 

Allpampasgrass.com is the best online store from where you can buy pampas grass available in different heights, dyed colors, and fluffy plumes according to your choice and need. You can read the comments of satisfaction of our old customers for quality assurance and buy your favorite one without further thinking and wasting your time. 

Final Words

After this whole refreshing read, you are now all ready to get set for your own home or room transformation. You have read about what's pampas grass, procedures of pampas grass drying, dying method and transforming the neutral pampas into your favorite color, how to increase the lifespan of dried grass after preservation, how you can decorate amazingly your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom vanity, special occasions like wedding, anniversary or bridal shower, etc with this beautiful fluffy grass, and what are qualities of pampas grass for which you should prefer them over fresh flowers.

So now it's time to visit the collection on Allpampasgrass.com and order your favorite colored and sized pampas grass and then after receiving have fun decorating it according to the great above-mentioned home decor ideas. Your decor with pampas grass will completely change the messy room into a piece of art. And also this activity will enlighten your mood and help you to get rid of daily routine stress.

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